I ask for your vote on November 4th.


When a local Campbell County friend and businessman responded to my question to him about whether I should enter the race for Judge Executive of Campbell County with this comment: “Well, Ken, it’s about time!”

His support and encouragement, along with many others, prompted me to enter the race. His statement is our campaign slogan: “It’s about time!”ken smiling business

If you believe as he does, that:

It’s about time that Campbell County has a full-time Judge Executive focused on the needs of Campbell County, and

It’s about time that the Campbell County Judge Executive focus his efforts on job creation and support services to existing small businesses in Campbell County, and It’s about time that the Campbell County Judge Executive lead efforts to create a fair, simple, countywide business and payroll tax rate and system for all businesses in Campbell County, and

If you believe that it’s about time that my experience in the for-profit small business arena, as well as my banking and not-for-profit management experience serve the citizens and businesses of Campbell County, then I ask you to support my candidacy.

Thank you for your support.

Ken Rechtin

One thought on “Home

  1. Mike Hils says:


    I teach 12th grade Government at Highlands High School. You are more than welcome to come to my classes and speak to our kids any week day between 12:45-2:45. All of them are registered to vote and most of them are registered Democrats. We have been talking about politics all year long. I have been encouraging all of them to exercise their civic duty to vote in the upcoming primary on May 20 and in the general election in November.

    Steve Pendery and Kevin Sell were here several months ago. It would be great for our kids to get to meet you as well.

    My cell is 859-663-7391.


    Mike Hils
    Government Teacher
    Highlands High School

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